4-switch foot pedal for all CLMPAR light sets

The CAMEO CLMPARFOOT+ universal Multi PAR 4-switch foot pedal gives you optimum control of all CAMEO LED lighting system CLMPAR functions - even without connection to a DMX controller. All the functions can be activated via four solid, non-slip foot switches. Three LEDs are integrated in the compact, solid housing of the Cameo Multi PAR 4-switch foot pedal for visual control of all the functions (mode up, mode down, blackout, sound active, program, colours, full on).

The device is connected via a ten-metre, five-pin XLR cable, supplied with the device and is compatible to the following devices: CLMPAR1, CLMPAR2, CLMPAR3 and CLMPACOB1.


  • Easy on stage control for CLMPAR1, CLMPAR2, CLMPAR3 & CLMPARCOB1
  • Functions: black out, full on, sound control, static colours, light 1/2, auto run
  • Rugged metal housing
  • 10 m 5-pin XLR connection cable included

  • Specifications

    Product number: CLMPARFOOTPLUS Product type: footswitch Controls: up, Blackout, CD / USB / SD, down, mode, Microphone sensitivity Indicators: sound control, static colour, Program selection Connectors: 5-pole XLR socket male Width: 291mm Height: 65mm Depth: 103mm Weight: 1kg

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Pedal Para Cameo Multi PAR Foot +

  • Fabricante: Cameo
  • Código do produto: CLMPARFOOTPLUS
  • Disponibilidade: Em Stock
  • 49.00€

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