Interface DMX - Cameo DVC 4 - 512 Canais com Software Cameo D4 / Daslight DVC 4

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512-Channel DMX Interface and Control Software Package

The Cameo DVC 4 lets you control any DMX compatible fixture from your computer and mac running the dedicated Cameo D 4 software. The plug-and-play interface provides 512 DMX channels in live mode and includes an internal memory for 256 channels in standalone mode. This allows you to copy your light show programming to the unit and run it without a computer. Featuring a mini-USB input and 3-pin DMX output the DVC 4 is powered from the computer's USB port. Three control buttons enable program selection and dimming in standalone mode which requires a standard 5V USB power adapter.

The free Cameo D 4 software package includes more than 15,000 fixture libraries and a Scan Library editor to create your own. It lets you map out individual fixture types, group them and compose master layouts in 2D view. Create, arrange and stack dynamic scenes, use the integrated Palettes to control your lights without the need to move faders, and generate hundreds of exciting effects with the XEEL Engine.

The software provides a comprehensive toolbox for live editing, an audio analyzer and MIDI clock for BPM syncing and real-time 3D visualization to pre-render your programmed light shows. The screen layout and appearance are completely customizable, and the free Easy Remote app allows you to control the software over WiFi from iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

The DVC 4 interface and free D 4 software package have been exclusively developed and engineered for Cameo by Daslight. The latest version of the software is available on the download page of WWW.ADAMHALL.COM or WWW.CAMEOLIGHT.COM,for technical support please contact SUPPORTaha_at.gifDASLIGHT.COM

  • USB to DMX interface with 512 DMX channels in Live mode
  • Built-in flash memory for 256 DMX channels in Standalone mode
  • User friendly and intuitive Cameo DMX lighting software package by Daslight running on Windows and Mac OSX for free download
  • Software includes more than 15,000 fixture libraries, or create your own using the integrated ScanLibrary editor
  • Create hundreds of amazing pixel and video effects plus moving head and scanner positions with the powerful XEEL engine
  • Trigger scenes and control levels with a multi-touch screen, iPhone/iPad/Android or MIDI/DMX controller
  • Synchronize yout show with the BPM or pulse of the music via the included audio analyzer or MIDI clock
  • Design your show and pre-render your lighting effects with the real-time 3D visualization tool
  • Product type: USB to DMX Interface
  • Live channels: 512
  • Stand Alone channels: 256
  • Software Mode: full Cameo D 4 / full daslight DVC 4
  • Connector In: Mini USB
  • Connector Out: 3-pin XLR female
  • Memory: 20K
  • Dry contact ports: 8
  • Operating voltage:  USB-Port
  • Width: 78mm
  • Height: 27mm
  • Depth: 88mm
  • Weight: 120 g
  • Accessories: USB to Mini USB cable
2 Itens

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